Art. 5 :

The management of the Economic Activities Park can be granted to any legal entity t by an agreement, referred to in this Act « Operator ».

The said agreement is concluded between the Operator and the Minister of National Economy and must be approved by a Decree issued on the advice of the National Investment Commission.

Specifications annexed to the said Convention, shall determine the conditions of management of the Economic Activities Park, the activities that can be carried on and delineate the responsibility of the Operator. A list will set as well the prohibited activities pertaining primarily to safety, the nationally and internationally prohibited materials and products or which affect the ecological balance and the environmental protection.

A framework agreement will establish the internal regulations governing the relationship between the Operator and the investors working in the Economic activities Park

Art. 6 :

In accordance with the provisions of the specifications provided for in Article 5 above; the Operator is responsible for,

  • Carrying out all the infrastructure and development works of the Economic Activities Park;
  • Contacting the investors to present the Park and to promote investments;
  • Granting the access cards to the Park under the conditions laid down in Article 27 of this Law
  • Monitoring and controlling the investors’ activities set up in the Park. In this context, it shall ensure the compliance of installations with the rules and with the safety standards and environmental protection;
  • Providing all services necessary for the maintenance and proper functioning of the Economic Activities Park;
  • Building any estate interesting to the Park and renting and operating all movable property and / or real estate within the Economic Activities Park.
Art. 7 :

The Operator of the Economic activities Parks shall collect the real estates’ rental fees and the revenues of the rendered services in accordance with the specifications provided for in Article 5.


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