The best employee Award

The best employee Award

On Friday, January 6th, 2023, Zarzis Park of Economic Activities organized a ceremony honoring the employees who distinguished themselves during the year 2022 and who won the Ideal Worker Award, as follows:

– Mr. Youssef Al-Zran and Ms. Nour Al-Houda Drine for category of executives

– Mrs. Fatma Belhiba and Mrs. Samia Triki for the mastery category

– Mr. Wissam Mtimet and Mr. Mourad Souei for the execution category

Mr. Sayyah Hadacha and Mr. Abdellatif Msallem were honored on the occasion of their referral in honor of the profession, extending to them sincere thanks and appreciation for their efforts that they provided to the company throughout their career and wishing them good health and wellness.


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